Monday, May 10, 2010

Sew Inclined...

...admittedly the name is out there already, but I liked the concept and ran with it before Google entered the picture. Sew Inclined is what we call our little sewing group (of 3) and our vision is pretty simple: "Handcraft for a Cause." Our current project is a quilt in memory of a dear friend from church; she was called Home in the spring of 2008 and we're working on a sampler quilt aptly named, "Aggravation." Aggravation, or Phase 10 as it is known in some circles, was Granny's favorite game --- our version featured fancy orange laminated cards and paperclips to mark what round we were on.  *grin*  Granny could play Aggravation for hours! We're gifting the finished quilt to her daughter and should have things wrapped up by June.

At the church I'm attending now, there's a growing interest in learning to quilt. I'm not an expert by any means, but I've learned much and am always willing to share. My mother-in-law quilts extensively and she's been more or less tasked with organizing the group ----- my part is nerdy little handouts. She'd like it to be rather bee-ish in nature, but with a decent number of ladies interested in learning the art I'm thinking it could grow to be something much larger! Vision, always vision.

As a point of inspiration I created a worksheet of basic patchwork blocks and quilt layouts. This cache is something I hope to see used in our handcraft group, but I thought there might be others who could benefit from a simple catalog. The images are grayscale to highligh the effect of contrast --- in total I featured 16 layouts, one of which ("This End Up!") is slightly unique to me. Obviously with enough playing and turning of blocks anyone could come up with these layouts....I just happened to turn a few in a pleasing manner and arrived at "This End Up".  *grin*

You can download Sew Inclined's Basic Patchwork from my sidebar. Please do not redistribute or post this document elsewhere; it is intended for personal reference. I'm a nervous nelly when it comes to internet sharing, so do play nice!

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