Thursday, September 23, 2010


The picture for this post is pretty ugly, but then again, the quilt sort of is, too.  *grin*  I was cruising the magazine aisle of the grocery store and saw a Quick Quilts on the shelf. One of the quilts featured was a modifed bento box that made smart use of fat quarters --- from each one you were able to cut the pieces for a single 15" block. Mix and match the pieces and you wound up with some pretty big blocks! Instead of quartering the squares through the X and Y axis as for a traditional bento box (hehehe...that in itself is funny --- what exactly is a 'traditional' bento box anyhow??), you slashed once from corner-to-corner. Well...I slashed once, and with all these fabrics it was just awful! Since I couldn't go back, I decided to go forward ---- and slashed the other diagonal. I think the double slash might be this quilt's one saving grace...........but I'm still not wild about it.


My husband's singular comment: "It's.....bright."


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  1. what if you inverted them? made the points go to the center?...idea?:)