Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A freebie...

...that makes me ever so happy! I was tracking down a quilt I saw on Elizabeth Hartman's blog called "Wellington Park" --- and my searching led me to Quilter's Home magazine online. I could find a picture of the pattern and a reference to the published pattern, but that wasn't exactly what I was hoping for...  *grin*  A search and a click later and I'd tripped my way into the eBook, Modern Quilt Primer. And it's free! It has a super article on modern quilting that is a reprint from QH's June/July 2010 issue, plus THREE sweet-sweet patterns: The one I was looking for by Elizabeth (yip, skip!), "Land & Sea" by Alissa of Handmade by Alissa, and the third, "Building 312", by Scott Hansen of Blue Nickel fame. Eeek, eeek!

And all you have to do is enter your email address {and unsubscribe from QH's newsletter later on, should you so choose.}  *grin*

Here's the link:

Happy tripping, stumbling, and squealing!

p.s. I hope I've more than made up for yet another picture-less post. Hehehe...I've got a black/yellow/gray log cabin in the works, but am too lazy to take pictures. That, and my sewing machine is sitting at the Kenmore shop in Kalamazoo getting fixed. I totally messed it up on Saturday, and just when I was getting into a sewing groove.


  1. Thank you!! Squealing right along with you!

  2. I'm geeked! What a great link. I love modern quilts. I can't wait to get started on one of these. I'm going to link to your post in case others missed it.

  3. I agree, it is a great link with some great modern quilts. Thank you for sharing.

    Have a super great sewing and stitching day.