Friday, April 13, 2012


...fairly busy!  {grin}

I finished up Braydan's quilt just in time for the shower --- in fact, it was still a little damp from the dryer when the mom-to-be opened it up. This was my first 'commission' quilt and a fun experience! My initial concept had snowballed blocks, but when I sat down to work on the quilt, I balked at the thought of adding all those corner squares (80!) given my timeline. I was approached two weeks ahead of the shower to make this quilt and had very, very (very!) specific instructions from the grandma-to-be. I was also working on a couple projects for my brother and his wife who were anticipating the arrival of their little one, too. (Evalyn Marina is finally here by the way --- born four weeks ago; she came home last Wednesday after spending two weeks in NICU. She's a little fighter to be sure!)

From concept to reality --- always fun to see things unfold! This is sized to serve as a toddler bed-size quilt. I hope Braydan (and his folks!) get lots of use out of it, and think fondly of Gamma.  {grin}

I also took some time to do some "me" sewing. I've been hoarding saving these little owls for the perfect project --- it's all I have left of the print, and I love it! After seeing such cute fabric combinations popping up on bags made using Jeni of In Color Order's lined drawstring bag tutorial, I took the plunge.

Love, love, love the bag --- the instructions are great to follow (though the not-to-scale picture threw me for a minute --- I had to think a bit before deciding which end was up on my fabric!) and the bag is quite a useful size. You can purchase a pattern, too, if you want the math worked out for different sizes, but I'm happy enough with the tutorial. My niece, Ella, has requested one in kitty fabric. {grin}

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