Monday, March 26, 2012

A finish....

...of epic(ly small) proportions! My brother and sister-in-law welcomed their first little almost a week ago. My sister-in-law's water broke at 32 weeks and she was on hospital bedrest for 2 weeks before Evalyn Marina entered the world. She's definitely a preemie ---- 6 weeks early, but doing well! I whipped this mini quilt up when Lisa started bedrest 'cause we knew when Evalyn arrived, she'd be small and likely spend some time in NICU. I wanted her to have something 'homemade with love' during her stay. The quilt can double as a stroller blanket, too, if it makes it home.  {grin}  If not, no worries; my intent was that this be a pretty little workhorse. I want it to be used and loved and of comfort......even if that means its usefulness is decidedly short!

I started with 9" squares of print and background --- I drew X's on the background squares and sewed a 1/4" seam away from the drawn lines on the diagonal. Then I quartered the squares, cutting once on the central X axis and once on the central Y axis (yeah, geometry!) ---- and finally cut each resulting square in half on the drawn diagonal line. Pretty fast, accurate half-square triangles. I was working with squares cut for another quilt project, so this struck me as the quickest means to getting where I wanted to be. 

{A disclaimer: I started out to make an hourglass quilt, something along the lines of Cluck, Cluck, Sew or Diary of a Quilter, but for whatever reason my brain stopped working at some point and I miscut, giving me HSTs instead which led me down the primrose path to diamonds...} 

A mini quilt...

I quilted a 1/4" away from each seam line, outlining the diamonds as I went. A couple of my diamonds shifted during the joining process (not too surprising --- I must've pieced and re-pieced this top at least 4 times because I worked on it far too late into the night to be of much good in the accuracy department!) so the quilting shifted, too.  {grin}  Backed and bound in one of the few DS Quilts fabrics I like ---- for whatever reason, Denyse knows how to do dots. I'm not wild about many of her other prints, but dots and plaids she just about nails for my liking!

A mini quilt....

The quilt looks pretty cute hanging out with Evalyn, which makes me happy! Mission accomplished!


  1. The diamonds look great and the backing fabric is lovely :o)

  2. That is so sweet, I hope the little girl gets to come home soon.

  3. Molto particolare, mi piace tanto!
    Ciao dall?Italia