Thursday, August 23, 2012

I'm kind of sort of mildly geeked!

This is what I'm doing tomorrow:

Yes! Finally.... something of national quilting note coming to West Michigan. We have other quilty goodness around the state (Gwen Marston, anyone????) but it always seems like Grand Rapids gets passed up for the really BIG stuff. Yes, yes, yes.... Art Prize and all ---- but that was a homegrown grass roots effort. Which is unique and really fun. But it's not about quilts! Which I love....  {grin}

When it comes to quilting, everything seems to be on the local level. The West Michigan Quilter's Guild hosts Quilts on the Grand every October, and I do enjoy the show. Coopersville has the "Quilts and Their Stories" series that runs August through September, a great mini display of fabulous art quilts. But lately I've been itching for something on a little bit bigger scale!

Looking forward to trekking to the 'big city' tomorrow....and checking out the show.

p.s. I suppose my brush with discontentment has something to do with all these neat 'meet ups' that have been happening: The Sewing Summit in Salt Lake City and the first-ever QuiltCon this fall in Austin. The internet sure has opened up a whole new world for sewing enthusiasts!

p.p.s. I apparently can't show any pictures that I take at the show though: "Photographs of quilts may be taken for your own personal use. Quilt photographs must not be used for any commercial purpose or displayed on the Internet (websites, blogs, Flickr, MySpace, Facebook, webshots, or other personal or commercial sites) without permission of the quiltmaker and American Quilter’s Society." I am confused though...why does posting pictures I personally took on my personal blog not qualify as "personal use"? I can understand getting the permission of the quiltmaker, but on top of that I have to contact an unindentified source at AQS?

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