Monday, October 22, 2012


....October already!  {grin}  I haven't done much sewing to speak of in the last few months ---- a few American Girl outfits for my niece, Ella, and her friend "Celia Cecelia"; a Kindle cover for me; mending for the D (which he thanks me heartily for...); and a failed dress attempt with some Lisette fabric from Joann's (which will become a skirt!). But, I'm gearing up for another commission quilt.....for a little boy named Braxten who's not quite here yet. The special request: match the animals from a certain Fisher Price bouncy seat.  {grin}  Apparently I love a challenge!

Fall is upon us here in West Michigan and it's been beautiful, but wet! Our apple crop has suffered mightily this last year ---- cider is pretty pricey ($6-7 a gallon!) and local-grown apples are scarce. I hope the trees (and farmers) rebound! The leaves are turning, the weather is 'crisp' to say the least, and football is in full swing. I'm looking forward to the annual Harvest Fest at our local Bible camp around Halloween. Our cabin theme this year is based on the Disney flick, UP! Geeked for sure! I can't decide who I want to come in costume as........ so many choices! A side note....did you know there's a real-life Up house??? It was a 2011 "Parade of Homes" house built in Herriman, UT. Apparently you have to gain Disney's permission if you want to build a similar house --- the "original" was listed for $400,000 and actually sold!  {grin}  Think I'll just be content to visit Paradise Falls via my $14 DVD.  {wink}

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