Monday, January 28, 2013

A Quilt called Ugly...

Once upon a time, I began a quilt. Despite starting with fabric I honestly didn't like but felt obligated to use because they kind of sort of went together and had lived in my stash long enough, I truly had the best of intentions. A simple pattern --- framed blocks cut once on the diagonal, a modified bento-box. And all with the magical promise that not one piece of those much {not} loved FQs would go unused! (Or, let's be transparent: end up back in my stash.) Brilliant...

And so I pieced and pieced and pieced. Then I pressed and pressed and pressed. Then I cut and cut and cut. Then I wrinkled my nose. Then I deviated from my plan and cut some more. And then I despaired. Very much.

{sigh} Hello, ugly.
I guess I did give you a name--"Bento on the Sly"--and ironically it suits. Sly: crafty, cunning, and shrewd. You definitely got one over on me!
My husband was far more accepting of Ugly----his cautiously-voiced comment was along the lines of, "Wow, it's really.............bright." He has a heart of gold, of course....I apparently do not.  {wink}
And so Ugly went the way of many UFOs around my house --- out of sight and out of mind. Really, really, really far out of mind. Like 27 months out of mind. Then I began to feel guilty. Ugly at least deserved to be finished. At some point in my past, I felt a strong enough attachment to Ugly's fibers that I purchased multiple FQs of each print.  {grin}  Poor Ugly; he (or she) didn't deserve my rejection. We all go through awkward stages in life, don't we?
So, I more or less drafted Ugly in solids and set about to find a happy medium --- sashing, I determined, will be Ugly's saving grace!
I'm drawn to the simplicity of A --- except Ugly's true colors aren't showing. B has promise, too, and would break up Ugly's, well, ugliness much better thinks me! C looks like a lot of work.  {wink} the moment I'm sitting on the fence ---- but at least Ugly is seeing the light of day and catching up on her Vitamin D!

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