Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Just a little PSA...

I like Moda, but I consistently wonder if pre-cuts are really worth the price. I admit I purchase Charm packs now and again, but balk at the price of Layer Cakes and Jelly Rolls. The one Moda pre-cut that I simply can't wrap my head around is the Mini Charm (or "Candy") cut they just rolled out:

I appreciate the convenience factor of pre-cuts and yes, the variety is nice, too. But Candy Bar (2.5x5") and Mini Charm (2.5") cuts, penny for penny, just don't make sense! Surely I can't be the only one out here in left field...  {grin}


  1. I am with you there! I never pay full price. I always wait for a sale.

  2. I totally agree (though I love layer cakes because the fabric pieces are larger, charms are too small for me.) It really doesn't make any sense to buy mini charms (which contain exactly 1/4 of the amount of fabric in a normal charm pack) when you figure out the per yard price you are paying. I used Fat Quarter Shop's prices:

    Mini charm pack @ $4.50 (~0.25 yard) = $18.00/yard (!!!)
    Charm pack @ $10.50 (~0.75 yards) = $14.00/yard
    Jelly Roll @ $39.00 (~2.75 yards) = $14.18/yard
    Layer Cake @ $39.00 (~2.75 yards) = $14.18/yard

    And to think we complain when fabric goes over $10.00/yard...