Friday, July 17, 2009

Block Round Up

Top, L-R: My first block, a love affair with braiding. Inspired by this block from Katy at Ripping Out Seams. #2 was a pain to sew, but I really do like the parallelograms. They just add something! I don't know what that something is...but it's appealing all the same. And my latest offering: #3 is a simple patchwork that I was going to credit SplitYarn with. Then I saw the same layout in a quilting magazine article about all the fun things you can do with Moda pre-cuts. One of the patchworks was called "Turning Squares" -- it's the same layout as Split, with one exception. And I liked the exception. Instead of each side of the block having a smaller square in the outside border, Split flipped one so there are the two blocks in the upper corner. It's unexpected. It's neat. I'm not sure if it was a mistake...but I went with it.
The lower row of blocks are experiments. They're not 12.5" yet --- I'm making them out of scraps that I figure won't be wide enough to become part of the scrappy binding. I'm not really an improv quilter, but it's neat to piece something wholly of my creation! Here are the improvs a bit closer up:

And Block #3 in all its 80's glory!
Whew! That's enough dusty blue from me for now... Since I'm ahead of the Sew Inclined due dates, I think I'll save #4 and #5 for August and get back to a couple other projects I've sorely neglected. I've got an apron to finish off, a lazy crayon roll to create (hopefully I shall get it done in time for Ella Bella...there's talk that she might start Pre-K this year!), and a rocket ship quilt to figure out for Drew Boo. Oh, and that darn tree bark.

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