Thursday, July 16, 2009

Block two...

...which is really Block Three from my description yesterday. I decided I wanted to tackle the square-in-a-box-of-parallelograms-in-a-triangle-frame. According to the cheat-cut quilting thing, this particular layout is called: "Flying Triangles." It was hard to sew. I wouldn't do an entire quilt of these blocks, unless I resorted to making triangles out of the parallelograms. Not only did I have to stitch perfectly straight 1/4-inch seams in one direction, but I had to miter corners and continue stitching perpendicular to my original seam! I did it though...with only a few minor goofs that I really don't think are visible. What says you?

Did you see my shadow??? I decided that I wasn't going to feature my bathroom this time. I figured the dog-hair covered stairs were much more attractive for showcasing the 80's flash dance. *Grin* It was late, Abby was tired...but still curious. I told her she couldn't come down the stairs so she sighed, layed out, and stared at me. (She likes to be on top of your feet or at your heels regardless of what you're trying to accomplish. Hence, my shadow --- helps that she's mostly black, too.)

She's probably all tuckered out from her heinous stalking episode yesterday. She likes to chase birds. I like to watch her chase birds. It's funny. She's old. I never figured she'd catch a bird! In the early evening I heard a whole lot of frantic chirping and commotion from down under the deck, then several birds shot out, with Abby in hot pursuit (I kid you not -- HOT pursuit!). All of a sudden one bird, a decent size robin, faltered. The Abinator somehow managed to tackle it, and was munching on feathers by the time I got off the phone with my dad, hollered for Dan, and ran out in the backyard. Dan robbed Abby of her spoils and I stared at her with digust and horror. She had the grace to look ashamed, but with feathers hanging out of her mouth........I can't say she was really all that repentent. *Sigh* I am harboring a murderous fugitive!

p.s. Here's a close-up of the Prairie Braid from yesterday. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out:


  1. Re: robin - gross. :)
    Re: squares: looks good

  2. It was! I shudder thinking about it. In a comical way, though, she reminded me of Sylvester whenever he does manage to get Tweety in his mouth. You know, the tell-tale feathers. That's exactly how Abby looked! She had three feathers hanging out of her muzzle and she slunk away after I scolded her. I think she was more disappointed that Dan took her bird away than she was sad that I was upset with her. *Grin*

  3. I've never seen her catch one before. She's always loved to chase rabbits and things but even when she was capable of catching them she never did. I always laughed at her because she'd be right on a rabbits heels, close enough to reach down and pick it up if she desired, and all she would do is bark at it and scare the living daylights out of it. It was actually quite comical. They'd go scurrying to and fro and she'd just follow along barking in their big ol' floppy ears until they ran under a brush pile or something.

    I must add one thing...although she did look rather repentent (more likely, disappointed, when I relocated her spoils) she looked exceedingly pleased with herself back inside the house. :o)