Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Any idea...

...why my sewing machine would suddenly start stitching the "good side" down??? I was working away on my Dresden plates last night and got to the applique stage. I started sewing things down to the background block only to have my zig-zags show up on the BACK side of my project! I tried every stitch imaginable on my machine and got the same result. The ugly, bobbin-side is showing up on the front and the pretty side is coming up underneath. *sugh*  To make matters worse, now my straight stitch is doing the same thing. I can't get my machine to cooperate, or undo this crazy function flip-flop! Needless to say, my sewing project is unfinished and I had to dash out to the store at 11:00 last night to find a replacement gift. I didn't want to show up to the gift exchange empty-handed. I'm hoping to get my machine in for servicing yet this week. It hasn't acted the same since I jammed up the needle on my bag project this past summer. Seeing as how I'll be machine-less, I may have to go borrow time on my mother-in-law's machine to get mum's gift done!

Bummers. And I don't have any pictures because I wanted to kick my machine to the curb last night --- I was in no mood to showcase it's stupidity.  *grin*

Off to call Sears...

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