Thursday, December 17, 2009

Trouble shooting...

....I called the sewing machine repair shop yesterday afternoon for some HELP figuring out my silly machine. Apparently my machine wasn't the one with the problem, entirely. I've owned this machine since 2006 and mindlessly thread and bobbin it all the time. In my rush Tuesday night to finish my project, I inadvertently put the bobbin in backward! It was feeding counter-clockwise and there was no lower thread all my "good" sewing shifted to the side seam --- leaving me with yuck on the top and odd on the bottom.  *grin*  I am happy! It's still not sew a straight line, so I figure that's due to the terrible needle jam from this summer. I may have to take it in and have that minor issue addressed, but for now, the stitches are good enough to get my Christmas projects finished up!


Moving right along --- Amy at Park City Girl is having a 400th post give-away. And I want in!  *grin*  I've tried to become more of a contributor/commentor since I've benefitted so much from the online world of quilting. Spreading news seems to be something I'm capable of, so I've started there. A fat quarter or two is in the mix for the lucky (randomly generated) winner. Check it out! And make sure to go back through Amy's work --- she's been a fun one to learn from for a newbie quilter like myself.

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  1. Thanks for helping spread the word!! :) Good luck getting your machine issues worked out!