Friday, December 18, 2009

Dear St. Nick....'s been a long time since I last visited you at the mall --- do you remember that one time, when you asked me about cleaning my room and eating my vegetables? I was sure you'd gone and talked to my mum! How did you know I'd been a naughty little one? Thanks for still putting a little something under the tree for me. I'm hoping for a bundle of Kiwi Meadowsweet from the Fat Quarter Shop this year --- and please don't be alarmed when you can't find the Christmas tree. We got a little busy celebrating Jesus and didn't quite get around to putting one up. I miss my star and all the ornaments, but I made sure the stockings were hung (by the TV with care). Mine's the polka dot one on the left!  *grin*

Hope you have safe travels...


p.s. If you're anything like my husband, you'll probably need a picture to guide you through the shelves and shelves of fabric at FQS:

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